Time. For Change.

There are lingering thoughts that the public shouldn't pay for prisoner education. But it's proven that many an up-skilled prisoner is better equipped to support family and contribute to community on release. Education is key. Reformed prisoners make for a safer society and as re-offending rates decline, the demand on the 'public' purse drops too.

To combat negativity towards prisoner education and to acknowledge the opportunities for education that CLIP delivers, the communications message was simple.


Scripted and filmed in a warehouse in Guernsey by local communications agency LRD, cutting edge tools came together with simple techniques to create an emotive 45 second commercial. Shot on a super slow motion camera, UK actor John Holden-Smith was bombarded with a cocktail of porridge, water paint and washing-up liquid. John's claim to fame is his attendance at drama school with Hollywood star Andrew Garfield. The shoot was messy. Very messy. But the initial playful amusement of throwing sticky black stuff at a human target was soon overtaken by discomfort and unease. It became a gruelling few hours and deeply affected the film-crew. Our hope would be that the final piece captured this?


Tom Robertshaw